Rainbow Edge Run

Screenshot 1 from Rainbow Edge Run
Screenshot 2 from Rainbow Edge Run

About this game

This game was submitted to the «2020 Reset64 4KB Craptastic Game Competition». Read more about the competition here.


Run along the edge of the rainbow and pick up as many gold coins as possible. You will be awarded 150 pts for each coin collected.

Look out for the black mines, because they will explode if you run into them!

As you run faster and faster, even more mines will appear.


Use a joystick in port two to move left and right. Press fire to jump.

PAL/NTSC compatibility

The game has been developed for and tested on PAL machines. It should also work on NTSC, but will run faster.


Game design and programming by Geir Straume.


Click here to download a zip file with the game in D64 format.