Screenshot 1 from MiniDon
Screenshot 2 from MiniDon

About this game

«MiniDon» is a game which is still in development, and no release date has been set.

About the preview

Please note the following:

  1. Gameplay is limited in this version.
  2. There are no «levels» in the preview. New enemies will appear when existing enemies/fruit have been cleared from the screen.
  3. Background graphics, sprites and animations may change in future versions of the game.
  4. There is no sound (music/effects) in the preview.

Game objective

Use hammer to crush enemies. Pick up crushed enemies and throw them. The throwed enemies will turn into fruit which you may pick up to score additional points.

Game controls

Use a joystick in port two:

Left Move left
Right Move right
Up Jump
Fire Use hammer / throw enemies

Press the fire button to start the game.


Click here to download a zip file containing a .D64 disk image with the current preview.