Dice Skater

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About this game

This game was submitted to the «RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Dev Compo 2019». Read more about the competition here.


The game consists of 24 rounds, including bonus rounds.

The objective is to skate around on a rotating die and visit dots on all six sides, within a time limit. A dot's color will change when visited, and 50 or 100 pts (round dependant) will be added to your score.

The die will automatically rotate when you reach one of its edges, provided that none or all of the required dots on the current side have been visited. If the side is partially completed, you will just bounce off the die edges until all required dots have been visited.

In some rounds you might find yourself, maybe accidentally, transferred to a different side of the die. You need to return to any partially completed side and fully complete it before dots on any other side may be visited.

Red dots should always be avoided, as visiting any of them will cause a time penalty.

In some rounds, the sides must be completed in a specific order, and/or you need to visit each dot more than once.

When a round has been completed, you will receive a bonus score for any remaining time.

What happens if time runs out before a round is completed? Well, you have two round retry attempts, but that's for the entire game.

Every fourth round is a bonus round, in which you need to memorise a random dot visit sequence and then repeat it. Retry attempts do not apply to bonus rounds.

Do you have what it takes to complete all 24 game rounds?


Use a joystick in port two to move left, right, up and down.

PAL/NTSC compatibility

The game has been developed for and tested on PAL machines. It should also work on NTSC, but will run faster.


Game concept, design, programming and graphics by Geir Straume.
Music, sound effects, Music/FX players and game design by Sean Connolly.

Program compressed using Exomizer by Magnus Lind.

Copyright © 2019 Geir Straume and Sean Connolly.


Click here to download a zip file with the game in CRT format, or here to download a zip file with the game in D64 format.