Diamond Maze 64

Screenshot 1 from Diamond Maze 64
Screenshot 2 from Diamond Maze 64

About this game

This is a 1KB game which was submitted to the «2002 MiniGame Compo».

Game objective

You are the green, happy face in the upper left corner of the screen. Navigate the maze and collect the three diamonds. You will be awarded 100 points for each diamond collected.

Avoid the evil maze protectors (Red and Blue), as a close encounter with one of them will most likely cost you one of your three precious lives.

When all three diamonds have been collected, an exit will open in the lower right corner of the maze. Escape through this exit to reach the next level.

The 1KB version of the game has 3 levels. The game will restart at level 1 when level 3 is completed (your score will not be reset).

Press fire to start a new game when all your lives have been lost.

Game controls

Use a joystick in port two. Press the fire button to start the game.

Enhanced 2KB version

The 2KB version of «Diamond Maze 64» has 30 levels. Other enhancements:

  • From level 16 and up there are 3 maze protectors
  • You have 5 lives instead of 3


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