Brilliant Maze

Screenshot 1 from Brilliant Maze
Screenshot 2 from Brilliant Maze

About this game

«Brilliant Maze» is a game which was submitted to the «C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2014», organised by RGCD.

Game objective

Your mission is to guide our little, green hero through the maze and collect the four diamonds. You will be awarded 750 pts for each diamond collected.

When all diamonds have been picked up, an exit will open in one of the corners of the maze. Escape through this exit to reach the next level.

One or two arrows will appear on screen to guide you to the currently closest off-screen diamond, or to the location of the maze exit.

Some useful tools will appear at random locations in the maze:

  • Pick up a tar barrel to be able to create tar pits, which will slow down enemies passing through them. Your score will increase when an enemy gets slowed down by a tar pit.
  • If you pick up an E.M.P. tool, you may generate electromagnetic pulses which temporarily stun and confuse the enemies.
  • Pick up a shield tool to be able to generate a temporary shield, which will allow enemies to pass straight through you without causing any harm.
  • The SPEEDx2 tool will give you a temporary boost in movement speed, allowing you to outrun the enemies.

Some levels contain teleports and trampolines, which you should make use of to avoid enemies and to reach otherwise inaccessible parts of the maze.

Game controls

Use a joystick in port two to move left, right, up and down.

Press the fire button to use a tool (e.g. drop tar or initiate an E.M.P.) or to jump over a wall when positioned on a trampoline.


Game design, programming and graphics by Geir Straume.
Music, sound effects and Music/FX player by Sean Connolly.

Version history

The game now has continuous movement of the player object, making it easier to turn corners. It's possible to stop the current movement by briefly pushing the joystick in the opposite direction.

The SPEEDx2 tool was added, and some of the levels were changed.

Initial version submitted to the «C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2014».


Click here to download a zip file with the latest version of the game (in CRT format, for use in an emulator such as VICE).