Screenshot 1 from Bellringer
Screenshot 2 from Bellringer

About this game

This is the first game in the Bellringer series, and it was submitted as a 4KB entry to the «2003 MiniGame Compo».

Game objective

You are the Bellringer, whose mission is to find your way through four sections of a castle. The sections are separated by four thick brick walls which need to be lowered by ringing four bells in the correct order.

There are eight bells at the end of each castle section, and all except one of them will lower one wall and raise another when you pull their rope. You need to be positioned just below a bell and then jump straight up in order to pull its rope.

When all four walls have been lowered, you may exit the current castle section to the right. You will then be awarded a bonus which depends on how many bells you had to ring to lower all walls. The bonus will be at least 1000 pts.

Avoid the evil knights who guard the castle. Whenever you get too close to them, your health will decrease. You may pick up a small, yellow box located somewhere in the castle to refresh your health.

You have ten minutes to complete the four castle sections. The game will restart when you complete it, but your score will not be reset.

The game ends when you run out of health or time.

Game controls

Use a joystick in port two:

Left Move left
Right Move right
Up Jump

Press the fire button to start the game.


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