Dice Skater

Screenshot 1 from Dice Skater
Screenshot 2 from Dice Skater

Have you ever dreamed of skating around on a rotating die? Well, «Dice Skater» allows you to do just that.

This game participates in the «RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Dev Compo 2019».

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Wave Hero

Screenshot 1 from Wave Hero
Screenshot 2 from Wave Hero

How far can you go on your personal watercraft, without hitting any rocks or reefs?

This game was submitted to the «2018 Reset64 4KB Craptastic Game Competition».

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Brilliant Maze

Screenshot 1 from Brilliant Maze
Screenshot 2 from Brilliant Maze

This is a game which was submitted to the «C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2014», organised by RGCD.

Your mission is to guide our little, green hero through the scrolling maze and collect the four diamonds.

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Bellringer III

Screenshot 1 from Bellringer III
Screenshot 2 from Bellringer III

You are the Bellringer, whose mission is to find your way through various castles, and collect as many bags of gold as possible on your way. At the end of each castle, you need to ring four bells in the correct order.

This game was submitted to the «C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2013», organised by RGCD.

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Screenshot 1 from MiniDon
Screenshot 2 from MiniDon

«MiniDon» is a C64 game which is still in development, and no release date has been set.

Use your hammer to crush enemies, then pick them up and throw them. The throwed enemies will turn into fruit which you may pick up to score additional points.

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Bellringer II

Screenshot 1 from Bellringer II
Screenshot 2 from Bellringer II

In the second game in the Bellringer series, your mission is to collect bags of gold from four castle towers, while avoiding all the knights. At the top of each tower is a final ladder which needs to be fully raised by ringing five bells in the correct order.

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Sub Destroyer

Screenshot 1 from Sub Destroyer
Screenshot 2 from Sub Destroyer

«Sub Destroyer» is a 4KB full-screen game for the C64 (PAL).

You command a destroyer ship, and your mission is to destroy enemy submarines. Your ship is armed with mines which you may drop to strike the subs. But look out for torpedoes!

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Screenshot 1 from Bellringer
Screenshot 2 from Bellringer

This is a 4KB game which was submitted to the «2003 MiniGame Compo».

Find your way through the four sections of a castle which is protected by knights. The sections are separated by thick brick walls which must be lowered by ringing four bells in the correct order.

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Diamond Maze 64

Screenshot 1 from Diamond Maze 64
Screenshot 2 from Diamond Maze 64

«Diamond Maze 64» is a tiny game from 2002 which is available in 1KB (3 levels) and 2KB (30 levels) versions.

Guide the green, happy face through the maze. Collect the three diamonds to open an exit to the next maze. Beware of the evil maze protectors!

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